Double Take

Hiking up at Powderface Ridge earlier this fall


It's All Business

Sorry this post is all business. I would love a quick response from those that visit the blog as to what the new animated side bar looks like in your browser. So far every time I have checked it, it has been different. For me it looks best on my mac when browsing in safari. The picture is what it looks like on my machine. If yours looks different, please let me know what operating system and browser you are using. Thanks in advance for the help.


New Audio Post Section

I am going to periodically post new music stuff that I have been working on. You can find them on the handy sidebar to the right. I put on a cover of Martin Sexton's 'Glory Bound', and a working version of a song I wrote called 'Waiting Room'. The second song is a better version than what I emailed to some of you.

PS - yes the vocals are supposed to sound that way!


Salad Fingers

This past weekend in a last minute effort to procure a halloween costume I finally decided on Salad Fingers. Having lost interest in digging out the vintage earphones and bad teeth in an effort to become Frankie Wilde, I stumbled across the linked cartoon. I spent the rest of the night with lettuce taped to my fingers as I held my little spoon. Unfortunately it was not rusty.

Neon Speaks to my Soul

I think this picture has a sibling on eyunphotoblog. I have been meaning to post this pic for a while. I think we shot these about a month and a half ago.


Kind of a Cloudy Silver Lining

When I was younger I was lured to the rave on the guise that there would be "Glow in the Dark Elvis' Parachuting in from the sky." ... well I was going anyway, but still... I wanted to see them. They never did materialize. This is the next best thing I guess. His stage show was kinda... um... molestational in nature. The poor lady who volunteered. Maybe I will post that one next.


Discreet on the Street

You worked hard, scrimped and saved, and now you finally own your iPod.
Why not let everyone know it?


Oh Great Bubble Dome

This was taken inside the Earthship in which I resided as my soul was borrowed by the grand wizard Marlonne. It was not until I left that I realized it wasn't my soul that he wanted at all. He just wanted use of my flat, cuz it was condusive to entertaining the ladies. I suppose he fancied himself a procurer of sorts... in a less literal sense of the word.


RaDIOActive Jellyfish

Centennial Celebration

Alberta Centenial Celebration through Eyun's Eyes

...my night at the castle to see if it was really haunted...

This summer on a canoe trip we came accross the White Otter Castle. It was built as a solo effort by the Hermit Jimmy McQuat on White Otter Lake. His body found in the lake in the spring of 1919 had spent the winter in the ice as he had allegedly drowned while net fishing the previous fall. The Picture below is the headstone that marks his grave. This is also the site of many ghost stories. I did not however come across Jimmy McQuat, despite all the wind that was howling through my tent.


Whiskey Jack

Hummingbird Plume Lookout, Kananaskis


‘Excuse me?’
‘You didn’t just leave it all back in Vegas, did you?’
‘I have no idea what you are talking about.’
‘…uh sorry…’

I hated it when that little dialog in my head got the better of me. It seemed to be happening a lot lately. I suppose that is what happens when you live so much of your life inside your own mind. I had been on one of those phases lately. Too much reflection, and that took me completely out of reality.

‘’Sorry I was just thinking about something,…my mind ran away a little bit…uh…excuse me.’

It had been two weeks now and I still couldn’t give up on the thought that Aiyana wasn’t going to be around anymore. She had slipped out during our little trip to Vegas. Things had been a little strange lately, but I still didn’t really see it coming. It had been one of those weeks that I kept that mental scenario in my mind, how it was all going to work out. Just as soon as she showed up again. Deep inside I knew the truth though and I knew that I needed to let it go. She was one of those complex hard to please girls. She was the chili that was just plain too hot to handle. I knew I needed something with a little less spice, something a little friendlier, …con carne. The kind of chili I knew I could really enjoy, not the kind I had to place in Tupperware every other night till I could deal with it later. Some chili is only a nice can, some has nothing to offer and isn’t worth eating, and then there is the stuff that is just too hot to handle. It is always back burner’d, and more trouble than it is worth…

…I had been walking for quite a while and I really didn’t know where I wanted to go. When I got into these moods I usually ended up in the same place. I was approaching the bridge so I ran up to the left side and launched myself over the rail and landed on the little patch of snow on the hill below. I loved this place. It was one of those old bridges where you could scramble all over the truss system that held it up. I ran up one beam and wedged myself into the ladder shaft and made my way up to the platform that we had secured in place over the river.

The river had just broken up from the winter so it was pretty cold still in the shade of the bridge, but it was incredible watching all the ice break away and float down the river. Hmmm ice cold. Hot chili, Ice cold. It was a little bizarre. I just thought about the analogies I had always used to laugh about when describing Aiyana, they were so different from the scene in the river below me. It was so cold down there, and peaceful as well.

It reminded me of the sweat lodges we used to make when I was younger. We would store ourselves up in the hot house until it was too much to handle, when we would take off into the freezing water of the river. The shock was somehow the best part of the whole thing. The flush of lightheaded heat drained away with the sudden spastic shock and paralysis of the cold. Somehow as I warmed up I was filled with that giddy lightheaded feeling of intoxication, only I didn’t feel sick at all. It was all the incentive I needed to go back at it again.

Hmm just looking at those miniature icebergs in the river was fascinating. It brought back lots of better times to mind. The innocence that I always believe I had previously in life. Memories always tend to be that way. How was it that life was so sincere and warm back then? It didn’t seem like it at the time. In fact, I think I was still waiting for the next big thing. The one thing that was going to fix everything forever. The big thing that was going to start my life. That is when it would begin. My chili I guess, I could eat it forever.

Chili… why was everything good referred to as chili. As if one thing could heat up the rest of my life. Hmm so good. Nice warm and spicy. The same crazed elation as in the old sweat lodge. Oh just thinking of it now, it was so hot. Just like those fist few days in Vegas. I thought I was going to pass out, I was almost lightheaded, and weightless. The air around the platform felt a lot cooler than where I had been perched. A really calm, silent, cool air began to rush past me.

No you didn’t.’
‘Excuse me?’
‘You didn’t just leave it all back in Vegas, did you?’
‘I have no idea what you are talking about.’
‘…uh sorry…’

The water was even colder than it looked. As I broke the surface I opened my eyes and saw green everywhere, except for the bluish patches on the edges of the little icebergs. Well this was by far the furthest I had gone in a long time. I really needed to stay a little closer to reality in my mind. I slid up onto the icy banks and slowly picked myself up. There was nothing lightheaded or giddy about this. This was just cold. A little closer to reality perhaps, I’m going home.


Elbow River Flooding

The Elbow River during the rains and flooding in June.


Udderly Art Pastures

I found myself walking along the +15 walkways in Calgary and came across a cow sculpture show. Kinda disturbing... but I liked the way this cow looked at me. He was a nice cow, a friendly cow... and I wondered why he had no friends...

Turbine Canyon

This past weekend we ended up at one of the coolest places that I have seen in the Canadian Rockies to date. We packed in and found this canyon not even 100 meters from where we camped. This waterfall was down the canyon a little ways.


Blowing Fire w/ David Bowie

Blowing Fire w/ David Bowie
Originally uploaded by ninjutation.
Due to the lack of females at a party the action quickly escalated to a whole new level... Happy Canada Day.