New Audio Post Section

I am going to periodically post new music stuff that I have been working on. You can find them on the handy sidebar to the right. I put on a cover of Martin Sexton's 'Glory Bound', and a working version of a song I wrote called 'Waiting Room'. The second song is a better version than what I emailed to some of you.

PS - yes the vocals are supposed to sound that way!


Salad Fingers

This past weekend in a last minute effort to procure a halloween costume I finally decided on Salad Fingers. Having lost interest in digging out the vintage earphones and bad teeth in an effort to become Frankie Wilde, I stumbled across the linked cartoon. I spent the rest of the night with lettuce taped to my fingers as I held my little spoon. Unfortunately it was not rusty.

Neon Speaks to my Soul

I think this picture has a sibling on eyunphotoblog. I have been meaning to post this pic for a while. I think we shot these about a month and a half ago.