Kind of a Cloudy Silver Lining

When I was younger I was lured to the rave on the guise that there would be "Glow in the Dark Elvis' Parachuting in from the sky." ... well I was going anyway, but still... I wanted to see them. They never did materialize. This is the next best thing I guess. His stage show was kinda... um... molestational in nature. The poor lady who volunteered. Maybe I will post that one next.


Discreet on the Street

You worked hard, scrimped and saved, and now you finally own your iPod.
Why not let everyone know it?


Oh Great Bubble Dome

This was taken inside the Earthship in which I resided as my soul was borrowed by the grand wizard Marlonne. It was not until I left that I realized it wasn't my soul that he wanted at all. He just wanted use of my flat, cuz it was condusive to entertaining the ladies. I suppose he fancied himself a procurer of sorts... in a less literal sense of the word.