Songs on my Mind

A couple weeks ago for Jacqui's birthday we were up caving and two songs ran through my mind the whole day

Song Number One
Eagle Seagull - Your Beauty Is A Knife I Turn On My Throat

Song Number Two
Josh Ritter - Me & Jiggs

I guess this is an mp3 blog now... today anyway.


Chance Meeting Over A Plate of Cookies

Click Here for Video

I replaced the embedded video with a link so as to not reload every time.

I wanted to make a video where I was interacting with myself. This was the end product... or at least so far. It isn't quite finished yet. I just thought i would share it as it is so far. Enjoy.


I could play slots all day long

This was me playing with shadows during a recent trip into the Canyonlands south of Moab Utah. This was taken at sunset across a really narrow slot canyon.


Mega Mega Blue Thing

Construction Photography


I love tunnels...

I was hanging out in a culvert taking pictures, and then I put a few other images into it. I just loved the way the light poured into the dark tunnel.


Hey Man...

This is a really quality little alleyway between a couple of the local shops around the corner. One of those classy spots where Bruce Leroy might meet the Shogun of Harlem... or witness the effects of mass inebriation. Regardless, you get the point. It is classy.


This Canyon brings back Memories

Taken in a canyon near Orem Utah. I just like the way this turned out. Apparently I have been on a blurry photo streak lately. Yes it is intentional.