...my night at the castle to see if it was really haunted...

This summer on a canoe trip we came accross the White Otter Castle. It was built as a solo effort by the Hermit Jimmy McQuat on White Otter Lake. His body found in the lake in the spring of 1919 had spent the winter in the ice as he had allegedly drowned while net fishing the previous fall. The Picture below is the headstone that marks his grave. This is also the site of many ghost stories. I did not however come across Jimmy McQuat, despite all the wind that was howling through my tent.


dävid said...

poor jimmy mcquat.

a life of solituted buttressed by the the lack of reciprocity from a woman.

if i were ever to become a hermit, i'd add a "y" to my first name and a "mc" to my surname to give my tale some real credibility... e.g.

"little davey mcpulsipher spent the rest of his life in the hills, carving small dungeons and dragons figurines out of the native aspen that adorned his isolated hermitage. legend has it that he still waits for his bride to come and be his dungeon master..."

c said...

hi. just came by this blog through random links i think, but your photos are very, very cool. not sure what's more entertaining, the images or the comments :)

Haley said...

HI. My name is Haley. I was just searching jimmy mcquats name because when i was 14 my family was staying at a clearwater west lodge and we portaged through king fish into white otter, and took pictures in the castle, and a few years later i was really looking at them and in the picture where i posed by his portrait there was a glare, and the glare had a different older face than the young portrait, and it looked angry! He had the same eyes as jimmy! anyway just thought i'd share that, i'd love to go back someday!

Graham said...

haley- if by any chance you check this comment section again... you have give me your email address and we can trade a copy of the picture. that would be a really cool addition to the post.