My First Skull Friend

My uncle was showing me a little gift he was given recently from someone who thought, that as a dentist, he would love to have a skull with teeth intact. I know I, as a non dentist, I would love to have a skull... with teeth in tact. There is just something intriguing about it. Well, I had to take some sort of memoir from the first human skull that I have ever, and possibly will ever befriend.


dävid said...

that looks like the skull of one eyed willy from the goonies.

so do you own said skull, or what?

my mission president once said that the commercial value of a human cadaver is .98 cents. he was a clinical pyshcologist, so... i don't know what that has to do with dead people, but i believed him.

there is a guy at my parents ward who is a mortician. i always cringe when someone asks how he's doing and he replies "business is good."


ninjutation said...

NO... I wish. Strictly from an artifact point of view, it was really interesting. My uncle is in possession of the skull. He did give me a really nice kayak helmet though. Next best thing.

98 cents is the street value of a cadaver? wow, how dissappointing.

the sherpa said...

You should see what I did with a skull/cadaver this week. They saved the best lab for last. Pretty savage.

Our Very Own Secret Message Centre said...


Funny that you ask... there's an antique shop on main street in Provo that always has a few human skulls in stock. I don't know if they have all their teeth, but it might be worth the trip.

I'm sure they'd LOVE the story at the border, too.